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Moderators: N.I. Didenko, A.B. Petrovsky

Opening remarks by the Chief Scientific Secretary of the Presidium of RAS SPbSC Prof. Eduard Tropp

1. Corresponding member of RAS, Prof. Irina Eliseeva (SI RAS). Analysis of the results of scientific session, "Science without borders" on the 4th Open Forum Euroscience (ESOF2020), Turin, July, 2-7, 2010 on Globalization in science and international cooperation of scientists.

2. Dr. Sergey Kozyrev, Prof. Vladimir Yerokhin. About EU FP7 Programme “IDEAS”. The work of the Russian National Contact Point "Ideas" to promote cooperation with the European Research Council.

3. Dr. Nelly Didenko European Association for the Advancement of Science Euroscience (EAAS "Euroscience") - the activities, problems and prospects.

4. Sudakov Ivan, Kirievskaya Dubrava V. (Russian National Committee of the association of young polar researchers (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS) Seminar on the development of the young scientist's career as a tool to stimulate research activity.

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