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Seminars and Conferences held by Euroscience Local Section in Russia.

Folder Seminars/Conferences in 2016
Folder Seminars/Conferences in 2014
Page News about ESOF2014
Folder International School of Sociology of Science and Technology - 2013
"The diversity of traditional and new forms of organization of science and higher education"
Folder Seminars/Conferences in 2012
Folder Seminars/Conferences in 2011
Folder Seminar "Cooperation between Russian and European scientists in the development of "frontier research" in science and technology"
December 22, 2010, Small conference hall of St.Petersburg Scientific Center of RAS.
Folder Seminar - Attracting young people into science - 2009
Folder International Conference 2007
Integration of Russian scientists to the world scientific community
Folder NATO ARW 2004
Folder files
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