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nid.pngName: Nelli I. DIDENKO

Affiliation: Senior Researcher of the St. Petersburg Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Citizenship: Russia
Tel. office: 7-812-328-40-87Fax: 7-812-328-37-87; E-mail:
Mailing address: St. Petersburg Research Centre of RAS,  5 Universitetskaya nab., St. Petersburg,  199034, Russia


  • Ph.D degree on programming and estimate of durability of three dimensional solid bodies in application to details of turbines of complex shape - 1994
  • Diploma with honors (equivalent to a M.A. degree) received at the State University of St. Petersburg,  Department of  Physics, on specialty radio-physicist - 1963-1969

Continuing Education:

  • Training in Seminar in St.Petersburg (Participation in EC R&D Programms), (certificate) - 2001
  • The Institute for International Trade, of Educational Services International, Inc.(ESI), USA (certificate) - 1997
  • Training in Ultramax Corp. in USA, Cincinnati, Ohio, (certificate on ULTRAMAX Software and Formulation Course) - 1995
  • Post-graduate. Study (part-time) at the Ioffe Institute of Physics and Technology by Academy of Sciences of USSR, at Department of mathematical physics - 1976-1980


  • Senior Researcher of the St.Petersburg Scientific Center of RAS - 2012-now
  • Senior Researcher of the St.Petersburg Academic University - Nanotechnology Research and Education Center of RAS - 2008-2012
  • Senior Researcher of the St. Petersburg Scientific Centre of RAS - 2000-2008
  • assistant of the regional representative of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) - 1998-now
  • Senior manager of Techoptimum, Ltd - 1997
  • manager of optimization of technological processes in Joint Stock Company "Orient-SP" - 1995-1997
  • Researcher of Polzunov Central Boiler Turbine Institute - 1980-1995
  • Assistant professor at Theoretical Mechanics Department in Institute of Textile and Light Industry - 1974-1980
  • Engineer of Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute - 1969-1974

Professional membership:

  • Member of the St. Petersburg Association of Scientists and Scholars (SPASS), a member of SPASS Coordinating Board - 2004-2005
  • Cochairperson of the St.Petersburg Women Association in Science (SPWAS) - 1999-2001
  • Member of Euroscience (ES) - 1998-now, a member of Euroscience Governing Board (2008-now)
  • Coordinator of Euroscience Local Section in Russia - 2003-now
  • The Executive of St. Petersburg Branch of Euroscience Working Group for Technology Transfer in Europe (ESWGTT) - 1998-2004
  • St. Petersburg Euroscience Cooperation Centre, Director - 2004- now


Participation in International conferences:

  • Participation in more than 30 International conferences with oral presentations, with invited presentations, as a moderator of Scientific sessions, as an organizer of Scientific sessions;
  • Participation: in all General Assemblies of Euroscience; 
  • Participation in all ESOF:  ESOF2004, ESOF2006, ESOF2008, ESOF2010, ESOF2012 as a speaker, an organizer of scientific sessions, as a moderator of scientific sessions; 
  • Participation as a member of Russian delegation at 1st IUPAP International conference “Women in Physics” 2002, Paris, France, as a team-leader of Russian delegation at 2nd IUPAP International conference on Women in Physics (2005, Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil), 3rd (2008, Seoul, South Korea), 4th (2011, Capetown, South Africa)


Co-publisher of four books (collected articles) “Tensions in Society”, “Nauka” (Science) Publishing House (in Russian), St.Petersburg, 2006, 266 p. , “Integration of Russian Scientists into World Scientific community” (2009) and “Attracting youth to Science, Publ. House of Polytechnic University, 2010, St.Petersburg, 177 p. ; “Russia's demographic problems: a look from the past to the future”, “Nestor-History”, 332p., 2012



over 60 articles, 2 author certificates (for new technological ideas)


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